MainNerve helps secure networks, applications, people, and facilities… enabling businesses to reduce risk and increase their cybersecurity posture.

Obtain an accurate understanding of your security and risk posture…. and ensure compliance with industry regulators and information security best practices.

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In the cyber threat world, there is much to be concerned about. And at MainNerve, we strive to ease the concerns that you have, and help protect you from the dangers that you may be unfamiliar with. Because the truth is, cybersecurity concerns are an essential requirement to protect your products, customers, and networks. Whether you are a startup submitting your first cybersecurity request so that you can attest to the security of your applications and/or networks, or an enterprise organization with large mandated environments looking to comply with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA, MainNerve has the experience to meet your cyber needs. More than this, at MainNerve we have fostered an environment of high-touch and personalized service. Whether working with business owners, outsourced service providers, or internal teams of technical professionals, we tailor our cyber services to meet the budget, timeline, and unique requirements of each business.


Defense Grade Cybersecurity is a term used to describe MainNerve’s approach to cybersecurity—and it stems from our deep history as a defense contractor. Resulting from our previous role in protecting U.S Government assets and military personnel, we have utilized our deep military-based cybersecurity knowledge to develop a qualitative approach to penetration testing and compliance services… and brought that expertise to the commercial sector. Put simply, we live in a world in which cyber threat actors are constantly evolving and adapting their strategies to compromise business data… and the consequences of failure to protect this information is substantial. The financials and brand name of businesses is literally at risk in the event of a cyber breach. And it is for this very reason that, here at MainNerve, we utilize a highly-customized approach when addressing the cybersecurity needs of all businesses—ensuring that they are as protected, and/or as compliant, as possible.


Commercial-Private Sector

Companies today, whether startups or multi-national dollar organizations, are at a high risk of experiencing devastating breaches, compliance problems, and theft of sensitive information—whether from internal and external perpetrators or business partners. Our extensive experience in cybersecurity risk assessments and compliance services, along with our industry-leading best practice capabilities in penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, have helped companies address their cybersecurity needs in a vast array of verticals—from retail and banking, to technology, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, municipalities, and more. If you’re a customer, MSP, or consulting firm, and have cybersecurity requirements for your organization or your customer’s organization that need to be addressed, MainNerve has the national-level reputation and proven performance to serve as your trusted partner.


MainNerve’s team has over 51 years of combined experience providing cybersecurity services to the U.S. Government, specifically the Department of Defense. Currently, MainNerve acts as a cybersecurity consultant to the U.S. Special Operations units in addition to providing advanced training to elite combat forces in a wide variety of cybersecurity disciplines. MainNerve is the only cybersecurity firm to have been awarded the U.S. SOCOM (Special Operations Command) contract, enabling us to provide training for the “Cyber Signature Reduction” course. Here at MainNerve, our signature is an exclusive combination of advanced penetration testing services and expert security analysis… with the overarching goal of delivering real-time, active defense to protect our clients’ most valued assets.


Why choose MainNerve?



MainNerve has helped hundreds of companies with assessment and testing operations necessary to meet compliance in numerous industries. Additionally, the company’s compliance assessors, engineers and technical personnel all have decades of experience in their fields and assisting customers with compliance needs.


As an experienced cybersecurity company based in Colorado with a national presence and a customer first approach, MainNerve is continuously lauded for the professionalism of its products and its people, the quality and affordability of its products and the fact that all its services are U.S. based.

On your side:

Once engaged, MainNerve is at the customers side to see them succeed and meet their compliance requirements. At each engagement, MainNerve takes the customers perspective to ensure that not only is the customer compliant, but works with them to address any threat vectors identified to make them as secure as possible.

Penetration Testing Standards:

Once engaged, MainNerve is at the customers side to see them succeed and meet their compliance requirements. At each engagement, MainNerve takes the customers perspective to ensure that not only is the customer compliant, but works with them to address any threat vectors identified to make them as secure as possible.


At MainNerve, lower prices do not mean lower quality. MainNerve is continuously recognized as having affordable pricing in comparison with its industry partners, yet delivers products and services that exceed the industry norm.


Bruce Parkman CEO
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From the Desk of Bruce Parkman:

I have often been asked why I decided to move away from Defense Contracting, where I lived for 10 years, to the commercial cybersecurity world. The answer has always been plain to me: there are almost 30 million small and mid-sized businesses out there that are not being afforded the protection they need to stay ahead of the cyber threat. In fact, most of them are on their own when it comes to cybersecurity and to me, that is unacceptable and I wanted to change that. Further, large enterprise organizations require similar levels of protection that the U.S. Government employs.

At MainNerve, we have been providing numerous defense and commercial clients the highest affordable level of cybersecurity services possible since 2002. Very few companies have the expertise and passion that we have applied that to a wide range of customers. It was important to me to figure out a way to make that expertise available to the commercial, public sector and educational markets, to help those companies that, in my opinion, represent the economic backbone of this country.

That decision was the result of what we did at my last company, NEK. To this day, we did our very best to provide our soldiers, sailors, and marines the absolute best support as they fought two wars in support of this great nation. As an example of our commitment, in order to fill a gap in air support for our Special Operations troops, NEK literally bought its own airline to ensure that our troops could get the training they needed. Over the years we provided the highest level of support to thousands of soldiers and numerous units during their time of need.

As we merged MainNerve and our Cyber Operations Group together in 2012, I wanted to provide that same level of commitment in terms of cybersecurity to our customers and partners because, just like our soldiers, they are very important to this nation. By establishing ourselves as a cybersecurity partner, not just a vendor, and providing industry best practices, technology, and just plain old American passion, we would do our best, as a team, to prevent cyber attacks from harming these vital businesses. Today, we are one of the only firms in the U.S. that can provide cost effective cybersecurity services.

As an additional note, this extraordinary level of commitment that MainNerve provides our cybersecurity clients permeates this company and its support of other worthy causes. We are one of the leading supporters of the Green Beret Foundation, which I helped start and provides unique support to over 800 wounded Green Berets and their families. We support numerous local and national veterans, cancer and literacy events, Special Olympics, as well as support the Bob Telemoose Foundation’s Christmas Giveaway with volunteers and thousands of dollars in toys for families in need.

I will continue to ensure that this great company exists to serve not only our cybersecurity customers, but also to serve as a platform to support worthy causes. I have always said that, for a company to be successful, it needs to have a “raison d’etre” much larger than profitability or ambition. I can honestly say, with our commitment to the small and mid-sized business community and venerable causes… we have that here at MainNerve.


MainNerve’s mission is to fill the critical gap in cybersecurity technology and expertise for the cyber defense market by employing critical subject matter expertise, and supporting that with state-of-the-art technologies, and affordable solutions. No matter how large or small… our goal is to educate and advise on exactly what our services offer and how they can assist you with increasing your security posture.

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MainNerve is proud to employ only US-based security engineers, many with DoD and special operations experience. Our organization is dedicated to providing services and support for companies across the United States.


Here at MainNerve, we’re proud of the team that we’ve developed. We cherish the honor of working with some of the best people in the cybersecurity industry… individuals who are highly knowledgeable, experienced, hard-working and sincere. We know that the people on our team are vital to keeping your company secure and protected, so we pick the very best of the best for you!

As a cybersecurity company, MainNerve is a leader in Internet and data security. Our management and cybersecurity team represents a team of experienced professionals with over 30 years of watching IT evolve (watching the networks and security world change)… they have all been there since the beginning. They are dedicated to education…. the next generation of cybersecurity and compliance services, with some of the most experienced technology professionals in the industry to back it up. We are the cybersecurity team to work with.


At MainNerve, we are truly blessed with a talented team of cybersecurity experts and professionals. Our team comes from a background of protecting some of this nation’s most valued assets and have some of the most prestigious certifications the cybersecurity industry has to offer. And we bring that experience to the commercial world… If you’re looking for quality and affordable cybersecurity… the MainNerve cybersecurity team is the team to work with.

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Here at MainNerve, we intimately know our customers and partners. We focus on quality partnerships built through customized programs and personalized service. Simply put, we work hard to earn your business… and we add that “personal touch” lacking in many partner and customer relationships today. Our team works directly with our customers and partners to provide high-value cybersecurity solutions and compliance campaigns tailored to their business.


Here at MainNerve, we offer a unique educational approach to cybersecurity and compliance based on over 51 years of combined experience on our team. Not only do we provide security advisement… we not only try to help companies with their cybersecurity and compliance needs… We also do everything we can to educate businesses on cybersecurity basics, as well as HIPAA, PCI, or state-mandated compliance essentials. Our helpful blogs can provide you with quality information on cyber attacks, security breaches, data vulnerability, hardware security, malware, compliance issues, and much more.