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Our Cyber Sales Experts are supported by a team of World Class DoD-Cleared, Industry-Leading Analysts, NSA Red Teamer’s and White Hat Hackers.  If you have vulnerabilities, we’ll find them and help you fix them.


Advantages of Pen Testing

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your IT architecture
  • Mitigate security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them
  • Retest finding to ensure mitigation activities were implemented correctly
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your security measures
  • Sustain compliance requirements
  • Testy cyber incident response measures

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So, What Exactly is CyberSafeforBusiness.com?

CyberSafe for Business is a unique combination of cyber protections designed specifically for small businesses.  CyberSafe for Business is an easy to use platform that helps small businesses reduce cyber risk and protect against the legal and financial liability that follows a data breach event.

And Why Does Your Business Need It?

Most small businesses don’t realize that the majority of cyber attacks are directed at companies with less than 100 employees.  On average, these events cost $51,000 in damages.  CyberSafe provides invaluable protections that can save your company from disaster and possibly from going out of business.

And How Are We Able to Help You With That?

Simple really: CyberSafe arms you with:

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  • Timely cyber threat alerts to help better protect your business
  • Legal protections from post-breach litigation exposure
  • $100,000 of reimbursement coverage if you become a victim of data breach while a CyberSafe member


CyberSafe – Protecting American Businesses

As you know, cyber crime is a very real thing and can be very costly to deal with and, unfortunately, many of the cyber threats out there today target small to mid-size businesses.  CyberSafe for Business was created specifically for you so that you can focus on building your business while we stand on the frontline looking out for you!

Don’t delay ensuring you’re protected – Get Started today.

We are so glad to have you as a new client and to prove that we’d like to give you your first full year of CyberSafe for Business protection for FREE!  After your first year is up, continue for just $19.95 a month – about the cost of one lunch to get CyberSafe & powerful legal protections on your side.

Head on over to CyberSafeforBusiness.com and start receiving the protection you deserve at no cost to you for your first full year!

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