Giving Back

Supporting our Military and the communities in which we work.

Uncover vulnerabilities to protect your business’ critical assets.

Giving Back

As local businessmen, veterans, fathers and mothers, here at MainNerve, we are constantly supporting national and local programs that permit us to assist others in need. We view giving back to the community and good causes as a critical component of life at MainNerve. Over the last 11 years, MainNerve has donated well over $1,000,000.00 in assets, time, and money to a wide variety of both national and local programs to assist those less fortunate–those who need our help.

Some of the Charities We Support

  • Green Beret Foundation
  • Global SOF Foundation
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation
  • USO
  • Navy Seal Foundation
  • The Station Foundation
  • Mountain Post Spouses’ Club
  • Spartan Race
  • Race Across America
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • The Dale House Project
  • Team-5
  • Advantage Heroes
  • Commando Welfare Trust

Why We Give Back

MainNerve does not support charities because of the public relations benefits; we do it because it feels great and provides an excellent example to others in our community. A well-executed corporate giving campaign demonstrates that tremendous and lasting good can be done for the community and further enhances the success of those efforts over the years. MainNerve employees benefit from the engagement, morale and teamwork that volunteerism and giving back provides, and it positively impacts every aspect of their work here at MainNerve.

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Here at MainNerve, we intimately know our customers and partners. We focus on quality partnerships built through customized programs and personalized service. Simply put, we work hard to earn your business… and we add that “personal touch” lacking in many partner and customer relationships today. Our team works directly with our customers and partners to provide high-value cybersecurity solutions and compliance campaigns tailored to their business. We work with partners such as MSPs, complementary service providers, partners with large vertical networks, to compliment your existing relationships and revenue


At MainNerve, we are truly blessed with a talented team of cybersecurity experts and professionals. Our team comes from a background of protecting some of this nation’s most valued assets and have some of the most prestigious certifications the cybersecurity industry has to offer. And we bring that experience to the commercial world… If you’re looking for quality and affordable cybersecurity… the MainNerve cybersecurity team is the team to work with.

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CEH cert
CISP cert
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NET cert
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Gain a real-world look at how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities along with guidance on how to stop them.


Here at MainNerve, we offer a unique educational approach to cybersecurity and compliance based on over 48 years of combined experience on our team. Not only do we help companies with their cybersecurity and compliance needs… we also do everything we can to educate businesses on cybersecurity basics, as well as HIPAA and PCI compliance essentials. Our helpful blogs are just one way we strive to achieve this goal of educating our customers. MainNerve cybersecurity blog posts can provide you with quality information on cyber attacks, security breaches, data vulnerability, hardware security, malware, compliance issues, and much more.