Netforce Defender

An affordable threat defense and security
alert monitoring solution for small businesses.

Affordable cybersecurity for less than $200 a month.

The Affordable Small Business Assurance You Need

MainNerve’s proprietary Netforce Defender solution is a comprehensive cybersecurity technology that provides critical cybersecurity support for small and mid-sized businesses. Netforce Defender integrates opensource technologies such as Security Identification and Event Management (SIEM) solutions and Intrusion Detection Systems while keeping you both PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant.

Why Netforce Defender?

Unlike many cybersecurity solutions in the marketplace, Netfoce Defender is designed with small businesses in mind. The sole goal of the MainNerve Netforce Defender solution is to ensure that smaller busiensses can leverage advanced technology and automation to secure themselves at an affordable price point. If you’re looking to add an affordable layer of security to your business, Netforce Defender is for you. .

Netforce Defender protects SMBs against:

Phishing Attacks


Pharming Attacks

Bogon Infections

Malicious Connections

Rogue Nation Attacks

And more…

Netforce Defender: Detailed Information

At MainNerve, our Managed Security Services provide our customers with industry-leading technology and technical expertise at an affordable level of pricing not seen in the cybersecurity industry. Supported by our cloud-enabled security alert monitoring product, Netforce Defender provides Defense Grade cybersecurity with 24/7 levels of affordable protection that every business requires to be secure.

A Cybersecurity Solution Unlike Any Other

  • Easy Deployment to Support Virtual or Physical Applications
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliant Reporting and Log Storage
  • Proven Technologies Used by Large Companies and the U.S. Government
  • Simple Installation with Automatic Updates and Threat Feeds
  • Virtual or Physical Appliance Versions Available
  • Created and Supported in America

Netforce Defender Works with your Firewall

With a customized approach to normalizing firewall traffic, Netforce Defender™ works with most firewalls that are used by its customers to save them time and money. Current firewall support includes:

  • Aruba
  • Fortinet
  • Sophos UTM
  • Ubiquiti
  • Cisco: EMBLEM (not yet supported)
  • Palo Alto
  • WatchGuard
  • SonicWall

Deploys as a Physical or Virtual Appliance to adapt to your IT Environment

In order to ensure support to every company’s requirements, Netforce Defender™ can be deployed in a virtual state to save money or on a physical appliance that easily integrates with your existing IT architecture. So whether you have an on-site or private cloud based architecture, or are working with VMware ESX/ESXi™ or Microsoft Hyper-V™, Netforce Defender can protect you.

Comprehensive Protection

Netforce Defender is integrated with MainNerve’s proprietary Adaptive Darknet™ solution which provides defense against Advanced Persistent Threats. Adaptive Darknet is updated every 15 minutes with the latest threat intelligence available and also blocks any attempt by infected computers to connect with malicious internet sites while simultaneously alerting you to the infection. In other words,  SMBs utilizing our Netforce Defender solution are continuously monitored and provided with alerts when their system is compromised.

Meets HIPAA and PCI Compliance Requirements

Firewall solutions may provide some protection… but they do not store computer logs. Netforce Defender stores logs for 30 days on our U.S.-based cloud server, and for 90 days on your appliance, meeting PCI or HIPAA compliance needs.

MainNerve’s Netforce Defender Solution provides:

  • Security Log Monitoring
  • Virtual or Physical Solutions
  • SMS or Emailed Security Alerts on Critical Events
  • Vulnerability Discovery and Management
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliance

Threat Defense FAQs


<h1>Netforce Defender FAQs</h1>
<strong>Is Netforce Defender difficult to install?</strong>
Whether you are using a physical or virtual device, the Neforce Defender solution is easy to install. There are five easy steps that any sysadmin or IT service provider needs to do to get the appliance connected to our cloud server to be tested.

<strong>Do I need specific expertise in the software used by Netforce Defender?</strong>
No: our federated cloud server keeps your appliance automatically updated daily with upgrades and patches for the Operating system and applications contained. There is no additional expertise needed.

<strong>Will I need to reconfigure my IT system?</strong>
No: as long as your firewall is setup and configured, there are no configuration changes at all.

<strong>Do I need to configure my firewall to use the appliance?</strong>
Yes: you will need to configure the firewall and any other logging devices to log to the proper port on the physical or virtual appliance for it to monitor your logs and traffic. It is part of the 5 step process and easily done by a System Administrator or your IT service provider.

<strong>Do my logs leave the U.S. and are they seen by foreigners?</strong>
No: our federated server is located within the U.S. and Netforce Defender is serviced and provisioned completely within the U.S. and by U.S. citizens?

<strong>Does Netforce Defender support all firewalls?</strong>
Most: the following firewalls are currently supported by Netforce Defender. If yours is not there, a call and half-day timeframe are needed to add your firewall to the list.
<li>Sophos UTM</li>
<li>Cisco: EMBLEM (not supported yet)</li>
<li>Palo Alto</li>
<strong>Can I repurpose or provide my own server?</strong>
Yes: as long as the CPU is recent (i3 minimum, 1 or 2 years old max), you can provide your own server–which means a virtual machine works too.

Server minimum requirements:
<li>2+ network interfaces</li>
<li>500Gb+ hard disk</li>
<li>8Gb+ RAM</li>
<strong>Does Netforce Defender work in a virtual environment?</strong>
Yes: Netforce Defender currently works in VMWare ESX and ESXi as well as Microsoft Hyper-V networks.

<strong>Can Netforce Defender alert by text and email?</strong>
Yes: both SMS Text and email are supported up to 3 POCs.

<strong>Is Netforce Defender HIPAA and PCI compliant?</strong>
Yes: we store logs for 30 days on our cloud and 90 days on your physical or virtual server meeting PCI and HIPAA compliance mandates.

<strong>Am I going to get thousands of logs a day like other solutions?</strong>
No: Netforce Defender only alerts on high and critical alerts meaning you only get notified when something critical has happened. We leave it to your IT shop to inspect and clean up lower level alerts.

<strong>Do I need to hire a cybersecurity expert to use Netforce Defender?</strong>
No: most alerts generated by Netforce Defender should be able to be mitigated by on-site or outsourced IT staff. If additional support is needed for serious hacking events MainNerve can provide assistance if necessary.

<strong>What happens if I am hacked?</strong>
If you are hacked, the alert needs to be addressed by your System Administrator or your IT provider. Serious infections may require more advanced resources that can be provided by MainNerve.

<strong>Why is the price of Netforce Defender so low?</strong>
As a provider of services to the SMB, MainNerve focused on finding cost effective, relevant solutions to meeting SMB cybersecurity needs. The software used was developed at the company’s cost and our business model supports this price. You do not have to worry about this doubling next year, it is the same price but will vary based on the length of the contract.

<strong>Are there any additional costs beyond the monthly charge?</strong>
No: unlike other MSSP or SEIMs, MainNerve exists to serve the SMB and does not leverage any additional costs for number of users or events per second (EPS). There are charges for services beyond the contract requirements such as exceeding the amount of technical support hours or assistance with advanced technical support for cyberattack remediation.

<strong>How do you price Netforce Defender?</strong>
Unique to the MSSP industry, pricing is done by number of firewalls on site and/or number of locations to be monitored. MainNerve has specialized pricing for multiple locations.

<strong>If I need help, will I speak to an American?</strong>
Yes: all development work, technical support and customer service is done in the good old US of A.

<strong>How long does this take to get in place?</strong>
Depending on customer onboarding volume… anywhere from 5 to 10 business days.